About Me

Hi, I'm Brianna!

I'm in my fifth year of teaching elementary school and I love my job! I teach elementary French, Kindergarten and Phys. Ed. in Ontario. I also like sports, especially hockey, lacrosse and kayaking. I love to read and when commuting cut into my reading time I started listening to audiobooks. Now I’ve always got one on the go to sew with.

I started sewing again a few years ago when I was inspired by other blogs to make a messenger bag out of an old blazer. I started to get into more projects - purses, bags and a duvet cover. I eventually took a quilting class to learn some new skills and made my first quilt. I slowly started to get into quilting. Discovering modern fabrics and then quilting blogs has turned quilting into one of my favourite hobbies.

I've always enjoyed designing my own projects and have discovered along the way that the design process is my favourite part of quilting.

In quilting, I favour bright colours, solids and tone-on-tone prints. I love white backgrounds and negative space, so your eye has somewhere to rest in the background. I’m often drawn to quilts with non-traditional layouts, sometimes asymmetrical, but with balance.

While I used to hate pinning and pressing, I’ve even come to find that relaxing lately. That’s where my blog name comes from. Though the design process is my favourite, most of my time is spent pressing, pinning and sewing – and so, the Iron & Needle.

Here, I blog about my projects and process. Check out my "Quilt" and "Sew" tabs for past projects and my "Gallery" for even more pre-blog project photos. I love to hear from you, so if you have any questions or comments, please comment.  I hope you enjoy!


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