Monday, 28 July 2014

St. Andrew’s Medallion Quilt

Apparently I was experiencing a brief moment of not feeling too busy a few months ago over the March Break, when my grandma stopped by my house. She told me she was going to a meeting at the church later to discuss prizes for the Thanksgiving Raffle. I jokingly asked if they needed my advice and she said yes! I said that I guessed, if they didn’t need it too soon, I could maybe make a quilt. She quickly offered to pick me up later and take me to the meeting – I think she was afraid I would come to my senses and back out.

I had been admiring some medallion quilts on Pinterest, so I started sketching out some block patterns and designed a quilt. I managed to time it well with a big sale at my local quilt shop and ended up with some blue weave prints, one of my favourite green prints and a solid yellow. They even had a marbled blue extra-wide backing fabric that matched nicely.

I started with the centre block:

My centre block ended up a little too big, as did my flying geese, so as I went I tweaked the pattern to make everything fit. 

It was my first time making flying geese and I was happy with how they turned out.

I added a few borders at a time and it was nice to see it grow from the middle and kind of look like a real quilt early on, rather than random blocks and bits of fabric.

The parallelogram border took a while.

Once the top was finished, I asked for advice on how to quilt it myself but the quilting instructors talked me out of it. I decided to save myself many hours and the challenge of a 90-inch quilt and have a long-arm quilter do it. I’ll practice my quilting on smaller quilts to start.

I had her do an all-over quilting pattern and I bound it with the lighter blue.  

I'm a little sad to see it go. I may have to buy a raffle ticket!