Monday, 7 July 2014

The Camera Quilt

The Camera Quilt is finally finished! It was a long project, over a year to make. It started out with a little inspiration – reading, taking pictures, looking at fabric, surfing blogs. I sketched some cameras then drew them to scale and designed a camera template.

I learned to applique and started with one block.  

One block turned into eight, learning new stitches for applique on my machine as I went. 

Then I went back to the graph paper to do a little more math – ratios and percentages and scale drawings – to make a giant pieced camera.

Next came the photo blocks – looking at my own pictures to design photos from photos. With some more calculations, colouring and drawing, I finalized a layout and put it all together.

Here’s the finished top:

Then I sent it off to the long-arm quilter, who did some amazing custom quilting and turned it into this:

I just added a solid blue binding to match the piping and finish it off!


  1. This is an amazing quilt! I think you are a natural when it comes to design. Love that you combined applique and piecing methods in making this quilt. And of course... I love the solids!!! It turned out simply gorgeous!

  2. popped over from the hop page to learn more - this is brilliant!

  3. I love this! So original and unique, your design is great!