Friday, 3 April 2015

A Quilt for MJ

I completely forgot that I could share this baby quilt with you now! Good friends of mine had a baby girl this week. They knew about the quilt in advance and so I sent it in the mail so it would be ready and waiting for her. I like to give baby gifts in person once the baby's born, so I can get some snuggles in, but sometimes when they live far away, it doesn't happen.

I made the quilt using a couple of V & Co.'s Simply Style charm packs I had on hand, waiting for the right project. This was my first time using pre-cuts and they ended up working perfectly for a simple baby quilt. I used most of two packs, omitting the yellow prints. When I picked up the charm packs, I had also got a metre of the print I ended up using for the backing. I had already cut into it for an infinity scarf, so I had to piece the back. My friend loves apple green (as does the owner of my local quilt shop) so I went for that colour along with some more squares. I realized just how much apple green I have in my stash, too! I'm more of a blue and green kind of girl, though I've grown to appreciate a little pink.

I used a variegated blue and green thread for the quilting and did some simple free-motion quilting. I'm still a little wobbly, but it's getting there. I need more patience - precision over speed. I finished off with some green binding (of course) with a strip of white.

I see all these beautiful finished quilt photos in nature - pinned on rustic barns, hanging over wooden fences, stretched out on frozen lakes. ( I also often question whether or not people ask permission before pinning their quilts on someone's private property). So I had grand ideas when I took the baby quilt snowshoeing down the road with me. I left it in the car and thought I'd photograph it when I came back. Twenty minutes into the walk I found the perfect fence. Not going back now. So I found a tree branch to hang it on, thinking it could look artistic. Instead, it just looks like a quilt on a tree branch. Oh well, you take what you can get.

I hope baby MJ enjoys her new quilt :)

And now that most of this snow has melted, I hope the weather warms up so we can get some buds on these trees.


  1. Congrats on a great finish, Brianna :) Your quilting is looking good! And I love the pictures! With temps in the 90s here, that snow looks fabulous!!

  2. Looks "artistic" enough for me! That last photo is really pretty!

    1. Thanks, Amy. It was a happy surprise to find that little cluster of berries hanging on :)