Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Today I have another version of my "Tilted" quilt pattern to share, called "Weave". Tilted Weave was designed for a good friend of mine from university who just got married. I remembered a lot of black and white in her room and a purple hoodie that her husband used to wear. Her husband is a photographer and studied art. I also remembered him posting some black and white photos of sharp lines in buildings, so I though some sort of clean, minimal, geometric design would be suitable. I was playing with colour variations in my Lone Wolf quilt and thought, why not customize a version for them?

I liked the black, white and purple colour combination and wanted prints that were nearly solid - so either a minimal pattern or tone-on-tone. I chose the Black & White print from Cotton & Steel, the purple print and a creamy white print, Zenith - Cream, that I also used in the Lone Wolf version. When I got the wedding invitations and they were silver and purple, I felt good about my choice. When I noticed a photo of a grey couch and bedding in their apartment, I was even happier.

I changed the background colour in the middle strip to white for a little pop. That meant I had to go with purple parallelograms on the white and on the two sections bordering it, as I wanted them to stand out against the background.

For the quilting, I was looking for a simple, all-over design. I went with straight lines and triangles. I chose to leave the parallelograms unquilted so that they would stand out more. It was a big quilt to do on my own machine! Using two fold-up tables, a tv table and parking them all beside the couch, I was able to hold the bulk of the quilt to make the job easier. This quilt also travelled on vacation to the cottage with me for some rainy day sewing, to be abandoned when the sun and paddle boards came out.

The black thread blended in nicely on the back and the white popped out.

I love how the random placement of the pluses on the fabric made it difficult to see where all of the many seams are. That makes for a great background fabric, as the pieces all blend in together.

I found the perfect binding while I was finishing the quilting. The  cream and black and hand-drawn feel of the lines go well with the pluses. I was happy with how well the thread from my machine binding blended in with the crosshatch binding on the back of the quilt. I usually machine bind my quilts, so I may just go with all dark backing and crosshatch bindings from now on! ha

It's one of my favourite quilts that I've made and I hope that the newly married couple enjoys it!

Yes, I dressed to match the quilt ;)
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Happy quilting!

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  1. I can't tell you how much I love this pattern (and this quilt). I need to get a copy of it. My mind is blown every time you post about and the different ways you can make it, just by changing the color placement. Congrats on such a great pattern. I'm sure you friends will love the quilt you have made for them.

  2. Beautiful quilt which I'm sure they will love.

  3. What a great quilt this is. It's so striking . It reminds me of a ski sweater.

  4. The more I see of this pattern, the more I love it.