Monday, 28 September 2015

French Teacher Tees - Batman

Almost the end of September already! It's such a busy month and it always goes by fast. In the first few weeks of school, I've met lots of new faces, most of them small. Superheroes seem to be popular across all ages lately, in movies, television shows and books. Kindergarten is no exception.

Personally, I watch Arrow and The Flash, though before I wasn't really into superheroes. Inspired by one student's love of Batman, I made this shirt using freezer paper, letter stencils, fabric paint and a black tee from Michael's. There are lots of tutorials online for painting shirts with this method if you want to make one yourself.

I added my French teacher take on the Batman theme - na na, na na, na na, na na Batman! Yep, pretty cheesy:) But also French, fun and I can wear it while teaching Phys. Ed.  I can't wait to see their reactions tomorrow!


  1. I LOVE this shirt! I'm sure your kiddos will too and earn you some cool teacher bonus points :) My husband is addicted to watching the Batdad videos on youtube. They are kinda funny.