Sunday, 1 February 2015

January Sewing Space

Over the past few weeks I've been working on three different projects, sneaking in time to work on them in between marking school work. Everything is still in progress but I have a few photos of my sewing space.

I got a new Ikea cart for Christmas for my sewing space, which is currently a folding table in the family room. So it was fun to organize my tools and nice to have everything for my current projects within reach. 

One project is a paper pieced compass rose for my map quilt. I'm following a pattern and taking a class for this one so I have all my pieces cut, ready to learn the next step. 

I also pulled this bright bundle of jewel tones from my stash and started playing around with the jewel shape on my Hex ‘n More ruler.

I have a few designs in mind but I’m not sure whether to opt for a simpler or more complex layout. I was waiting for a bolt of Kona white to come in to my local shop, so now that it’s arrived I can figure it out and start putting it together.

I bought some new fabric- two Doe prints that I liked for backing for my map quilt and the Widescreen Crosshatch in grey to back my Tornado quilt. I picked up some Essex Yarn Dyed in indigo to use as background fabric and some cheerful Handcrafted and Cotton and Steel prints as well.

I also pieced a solid backing and sent it off with my Honey quilt top to be quilted by the long-arm quilter and I’ve got a baby quilt ready for me to quilt. Hopefully February brings some sewing time to work on these projects!

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