Sunday, 25 October 2015

Cape Scarf and Fall Colours

I've got the fall flannel bug. I know plaids go in and out of style, but I think it's always a fall staple here. My local big box fabric store had some nice soft shirting flannels on sale, begging to be made into a project. A month ago, when Jess of The Sewing Rabbit posted this Cape Scarf tutorial, I decided to give it a go. She used a knit fabric, but I went with this white, grey and blue London Fog plaid flannel.

I made a few changes to the scarf, opening up the slit more so that it opened up as far as my elbows while I was wearing it. It looked a bit more natural and allowed for more movement. I also used 1.5m of fabric, rather than the two yards it called for.

These photos were taken over Thanksgiving weekend, which ended up being gorgeous - sunny and 23 C. Too warm for scarves :) A few of us went for a little walk after turkey dinner to enjoy the weather.

My brother and I checking out the crabapples. 
My brother and sister-in-law
The good weather continued the next day, which worked well for some family photos I was taking. A warm fall has meant that the leaves just started turning a couple weeks ago. Now, a few maples remain in brilliant oranges, yellows and reds, but most of the other leaves have come down in the rain and wind. With the cooler weather, I've been wearing the Cape Scarf as an oversized scarf over a fall jacket to keep me warm during windy morning yard supervision.

Seven cousins under 8 yrs makes for a fun photo session.
I've been kind of jumping from one project to the next and I've got several on the go. Going to the open quilting class I attend makes it hard to stay focused. There are so many pretty new fabrics and temptations, with lots of enablers around ;) You can expect more new projects this week, as I seem to be finishing a few of them up all at the same time.

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  1. Awesome!! I need to make one of these. I have several wraps but I love the armholes so it doesn't fall off the shoulders.

  2. Looks fabulous, Brianna! Warm and cozy. And quite fashionable, too!

  3. Your cape looks so good! And you took such pretty pictures in a beautiful setting. :) Thanks for linking up to MCM. Good luck with your sewing projects this week!