Friday, 21 August 2015

New Old Dresser

I've got another furniture refinish for you today!

I like taking something old and making it new again. This dresser was in the shop. The top shelf was home to a cozy mouse nest and the handles were mismatched, broken or missing. There is also a chip on one of the legs. Other than that, it was in good shape. I stripped it twice with stain remover, washed the drawers and then sanded it with the palm sander. My dad helped me sand down the edges of the drawers so they would fit better.


The dresser got a coat of stain in Early American and a few coats of Varathane along with some new drawer pulls. 

I think my favourite part of the dresser is the keyholes.

It's so shiny now :)


  1. OMG, Brianna!! It is beautiful!! So cool to breath new life into an old piece of perfectly good (if neglected) furniture. Congratulations on a fabulous finish!!

  2. Wow, what a transformation! I can't believe it is the same piece of furniture!

  3. Well done! Is it going in your sewing space?