Thursday, 6 August 2015

Sewing Storage - Thread Toolbox

While browsing Winners at the start of the summer, I found this toolbox and bought it on impulse. It was too cute and I couldn’t resist.

I intended on using it for d├ęcor and not real tools, though I didn’t have a specific purpose in mind. I think a proper toolbox needs a handle on the top anyway.

I like how a rainbow of spools looks up on those racks on sewing room walls, but I also know that leaving spools out to expose them to dust and sun isn’t good for them.  The ladies at my local shop have been getting wooden racks made that fit inside those 12 1/2” x 12 1/2” plastic scrapbooking containers to hold their spools. I realized that the toolbox would work nicely for holding thread and started taking measurements.

I bought 4 four-foot 1/4” dowels and used some scraps of 1/2” plywood we had on hand. I asked my Dad and brother for help, as I don’t have much experience with woodworking yet. After pestering him a few times and leaving him a paper template and the toolbox on his kitchen floor, my brother drilled the holes into the plywood for me, 1/64” smaller than the dowel for a friction fit. This week I dropped by while he was building a new workbench and happened to have the dowels with me. So of course he was more than happy to stop his project to make the cuts for his favourite twin. 

I twisted the dowels into the holes and used a hammer to pound them in all the way. They seem to be tight enough that we don't need to use wood glue. There are two layers of spool racks that stack on top of each other and still fit nicely inside of the toolbox. 

I think that this would work well for someone with a small living space or who doesn't have a dedicated sewing space. Sewing supplies hidden in plain sight and a cool decor piece in one.

How do you store and organize your thread? Do you have a favourite brand for piecing and quilting?

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  1. Yeah for DIY thread box. I have a plastic storage tower, and my thread goes in one of the drawers. Not very organized, but they are all together.

  2. Oh my goodness I was just thinking about how my thread is out of control and this would be perfect! A new project for hubby!

  3. Hi Brianna, I'm a new follower. I love your DIY thread storage! And I like how you stayed on your bro and left the template and measurements...until he did it! It's EXACTLY something I would do. When I get something in my head there is no stopping me. And then you showed up w/the funny! I have a thread tree/tower thingie for spools that aren't open yet (still wrapped in plastic) Once they are open, they go in a plastic storage bin w/a top. Connecting threads has been my thread of choice for sometime now. It's 50wt 100% cotton satin finish extra long staple. check out my post: I also love woodworking...though I've only assisted in projects so far!