Monday, 24 August 2015

Wooden Sling Deck Chairs

We had some old sling lawn chairs that were a little weathered, with rotten fabric. The fabric was torn off and they sat in storage. While I was on a roll sanding and staining, I figured I might as well continue on with the chairs. They turned out much better than I expected. They looked pretty sharp after a coat of stain. I think these have come back in style too; everything comes back around again if you hold onto it for long enough.

I had bought some outdoor fabric on sale a couple summers ago and thought I could use it up with this project. Once I saw the nice colour of the stain on the chair, and spotted a 1 metre remnant of navy and white outdoor fabric for $4, I went another route. So much for no spending! ha. But for $2/chair, how could I turn it down?

The sewing for these was fast and easy. I used my rolled hem foot to sew a quick rolled hem along each of the long sides of the fabric. It maybe took me 10 minutes to measure, cut and sew the whole thing.  We used a staple gun to attach the fabric to the chair, first stapling the top, then wrapping it around once and stapling it to the bottom.

I just wish I had a before picture, of the hideous, flowery 70s? fabric.

 I think they'll look good on a future deck or lawn :)

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  1. These chairs look wonderful Brianna! The fabric is so fun and perfect against that lovely shade of stained wood. I wish you had pics of the hideous fabric too; I love looking at dated fabrics and wondering what people were thinking, like the wallpaper in my grandparent's bathroom :)